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Domanique (dob 5/21/1986)

Domanique, 38-year-old Arabian mare. Domanique came to Baraka Arabians 30 years ago, carefully selected for her rare and exceptional bloodlines to be our foundation mare for sport horse breeding. She had 4 purebred Arabian foals and 2 half-Arabian offspring. Shelley kept 4 of the 6 foals. BA Miss Milly, a 2004 purebred mare was chosen to carry on Domanique's bloodlines but in a sad series of events, lost her first colt after a 10 day stay at Cornell and aborted her following pregnancy. 

Domanique has been a fun horse since her first day. She's always happy to see her visitors and she's a blast to ride: energetic but uncomplicated. In 2019, she had an aggressive eye infection and needed to have her left eye removed, leaving her right eye which has moderate cataract. She adapted remarkedly well following the loss of her eye and finds comfort in being ridden where she can relax and trust her riders to guide her. She's turned out with her 2 half-Arabian daughters, Nica and Maggie who tend to protect and guide her and of course Rush, a 4-year-old mischievous gelding who decided to chew and shorten her tail again this spring.

Domanique, at age 38, continue to work 5-6 days a week, she enjoys weekly PEMF spa sessions, regular chiropractic care, exceptional care by Finger Lakes Equine Practice, and still love to travel and show. The video below was taken at the Empire Arabian Spring Horse Show, May 2024. She is shown by Annaliese Bower who has been riding Domanique since Anna, age 8 at the time, first learned to ride.

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